Customized Course Offerings

Time to begin the conversation!  With the exception of a few offerings, all adventures are customized. We aren’t asking you to plan your adventure – we do that for you!

To begin tailoring your adventure we will need to talk (talking is more than a couple of text messages). Through a shared conversation, or conversations, we will determine what type of experience you want to have, what are your goals and focuses and where we will go. And, we are flexible. Maybe you want to get up early and practice sun salutations … done. Or, maybe you want to challenge yourself physically and desire to hike 45-miles in five days … we can do that. Or, you want to take a few co-workers out for team building and leadership training skills … we can’t wait. There are many options worthy of consideration!

We are excited to prepare a Customized Offering for you. Our offerings are not cookie cutter offerings; instead, we tailor an adventure to exceed your goals, fitness and experience level. We aren’t going to make the adventure easy, we want to test the edges, but you will be successful.

Summary of Opportunity:
To begin the research and planning in preparation of your backpacking or outdoor adventure we ask that you make a $150 non-refundable deposit. If you are interested in a backpacking adventure that exceeds five nights or requires us to travel outside our permit areas we may ask for a larger non-refundable deposit to begin research and to pay for permit fees (permit fees are non-refundable). We want all of our clients to have an exceptional adventure with us and that begins with putting together an offering that fits your goals.

The $150 non-refundable deposit is applied to the registration cost for the first person of any Customized Course Offering. Following review, and acceptance, of any prepared Summary of Opportunity full payment will be required within ten (10) days to hold the adventure dates.

Generally, we can have a Summary of Opportunity prepared within two weeks of request. This information packet is extensive in length and provides details of: our philosophy, overall goal/focuses, where we will be hiking, trip details, sample itinerary and fee schedule. This document is an evolving document but is designed to ensure that you (client) and us (guide service) are under the same impression of what your adventure is going to be.

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability. Contact Stacy at to begin a conversation.  Reservations are a first request, first reserve. Donation gift certificates cannot be used for the deposit payment.

Start planning your own adventure today!

Deposit for Customized Course Offerings: