Frequently Asked Questions

Never hesitate to ask us any question that you have … nothing is off limits. We walk, sleep, eat, pee and poop outside. We may be creating the first of many experiences of a lifetime for you … make sure you are comfortable with what we have to tell you!

Learn more about our COVID Policies and Restrictions.

We are a causality of the COVID pandemic.  While we have priority use permits (San Juan National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest and the Black Hills National Forest), historically we operated temporary and special use permits all over the country.  Frustratingly, many of those offices discontinued to sign off on traditional permitting and this has hampered our ongoing trainings and practices.

As a result, we have scaled back much of what is available to the public.

Our basecamp is located in Derby, Vermont and any of our skills and training can be held at basecamp. 

In the summer of 2022, a lean-to and mini orienteering challenge course is available to the public.

Each of our offerings are scheduled as dedicated dates for you or your group and are based upon availability.  Contact Stacy directly to begin a conversation. 

No problem. Each adventure has its own specially designed menu based upon a questionnaire you complete weeks before the start of your trip. You are asked to review the menu prior to the hike and modifications can be made at that time.

That is entirely up to you but the basecamp has plenty of space to put up your tent. 

Directions are provided to registered participants.

For the safety of our clients, Step Outdoors discourages the use of drugs or alcohol prior to your participating in our offerings. Drugs nor alcohol is tolerated while in the field.  In several states where we guide there are retail establishments for marijuana purchases.  It is still a federal violation to have on your person, or use, marijuana on public lands.  Please do not try the baked goods or weed flavors before your adventure.  And, for goodness sake, if you do, don’t eat two brownies!  We do not tolerate your impaired judgment from the use of marijuana while in the backcountry.  

Likewise, for the safety of you and your hiking partners, please do not bring firearms or pets.

At Step Outdoors we understand that most people feel more comfortable having their phone but, we ask that you leave your cell phone in its “off” capacity throughout your hike. Please do not put your Trip Leader in the position of having to ask you to get off your phone.  Frankly, it just pisses us off.

Step Outdoors believes in the value of Leave No Trace for outdoor enthusiasts as a set of ethics, not a set of rules. As a set of seven principles, each promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation – a common courtesy and hospitality to other visitors. Each of these principles is discussed and practiced as a part of every adventure we lead.  Click here to read more about Leave No Trace.

For any of our Colorado or northern New Mexico offerings it is important that you acclimate prior to departure from the trailhead.  Build into your itinerary a couple of days exploring local sights to assist with this acclimatization.   Drink lots of water, minimize your caffeine and alcohol use and be patient with yourself.

If you are accustomed to hiking out west, New England hiking and backpacking will be much more challenging.  First, there exists more water – lots more water.  From access to fill your water bottle to puddles and thick muddy muck on the trail.  Secondly, trails are rugged and riddled with rocks, roots, moss and fern and are not graded for stock which means they are more likely to climb quickly up and quickly down.  

If you decide to wear running style shoes for any of our New England offerings you will be expected to hike in the middle of the trail.  Your feet will be wet.  You are encouraged to wear gaiters.  

We like to hide our eyes, kick the dirt and say, “Ahh, that isn’t necessary,” but deep down inside we really wish you would.

Yes, a lengthy one.  Ask us and we will provide you with a list of names and phone numbers.

Yes, we understand that word of mouth is the best acknowledgment we can receive and most of our business comes from friends recommending to friends. We reward any individual who has referred us and the result has been a booking and participation in our offerings.

We hope you don’t want to cancel your adventure but if you do, our cancellation and refund policy reflects the investment in time and purchases related to each offering. Every registered participant fee includes a $100 non-refundable application fee.  Occasionally there will be a designed trip that will have a higher non-refundable application fee.

Refunds are given in accordance to the following guidelines, unless noted differently on a specific offering:

  • 75 days, or less, before course start date: 100% of course fee, minus the non-refundable application fee.
  • Less than 75 days and up to 45 days: 75% of course fee, minus the non-refundable application fee.
  • 45 days, or less, and up to 30 days: No refund, but 50% of the course fee can be credited towards another course offered within the next 12 months.
  • 30 days, or less:  No refund or course credit.

Extended adventures or adventures designed out of the traditional use area of Step Outdoors, require special permitting application and fees and will require a higher non-refundable application fee. These trips are designed specifically for an individual or group of persons with a per person rate in congruence with being in the field for the time designed. Individuals who withdraw from an extended trip, once it has begun, receives no refund or course credit and are responsible for their own lodging, meals and transportation when not in the field. Further, the cancelling individual is responsible for any and all costs of lodging and meals of the Trip Leader, or their designee, needed or required because of individual withdraw.

We hope you don’t want to cancel your single-day skills or training workshop, but if you do, our cancellation and refund policy reflects the investment in time and purchases related to each offering. Our day offerings include a $25 non-refundable reservation fee. Refunds are given in accordance to the following guidelines:

  • More than 72 hours: 100% of registration fee, minus the non-refundable reservation fee.
  • Less than 72 hours: No refund or course credit.