The Wild Side Workshop Weekend

September 18-20, 2020 - Workshop CLOSED

Registration CLOSED


minimum/maximum = 4/8
to confirm minimum course offering, registration closes August 28

Workshop Description:  Have you ever wondered what your significant other was really doing when gone for a week-long foray into the trees? Most of the time the claim is, “I’ve been hunting,” but with 24-hours in a day, how much time was really devoted to stalking game?

Join us for a two night, girls only, weekend workshop created to give you genuine insight into how hunting is done – with success.

Even if you have no intention of ever shooting a bow or firearm, this weekend workshop provides experience that will be invaluable to your backcountry seek and find of game to observe or photograph. Plus, it simply will be a lot of fun.

When: Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th.  Weekend begins at noon on Friday and concludes at 1p on Sunday.

Cost: $510 per person.

Includes: Price includes workshop materials and weekend instruction, access to instructors who are well acquainted with their craft and skill and appreciate sharing that knowledge, all meals and snacks beginning with lunch on Friday and ending with lunch on Sunday.

  • Chili Dinner (Friday) – simple dinner paired with local brews, salad and cornbread.  Please be advised, there is plenty of beer offered during the dinner – you choose a sip, a glass or none at all.  Drunk women not encouraged.
  • Wild Game Dinner (Saturday) – this is an opportunity to taste wild game that you would not get to try on a day-to-day basis. Each course is paired with a white or red wine from a local winery. Dinner courses might include – Asian Bison Dumplings, Bear Stew, White Tail Tenderloins or Rum Runner Roast. Please be advised, there is plenty of wine offered during the dinner – you choose a sip, a glass or none at all.  Drunk women not encouraged.

Basecamp Offering: This workshop will be a basecamp offering. We will be outside for the entire workshop weekend – dress for the weather conditions. The bunkhouse (sleeps four) is available for both Friday and Saturday nights. There is ample outdoor space for tenting.

Workshops and Classes (subject to change):
Archery Class. Always a favorite with abundant individualized instruction, learn the art and skill of shooting a bow and arrow.
Plan Ahead and Prepare. Review what you are packing, and why you are packing it, to be safe and able to find your way out of the backcountry.
Scouting for Big Game. Gain knowledge of habitat, movement and where you look for your big game.
Following Blood Trail. You are a good shot but you breathed at just the wrong moment and your aim was a little off; now you need to track and find your animal.
Field Dressing. Learn to field dress properly so you waste no meat – this class is contingent on finding road kill prior to the weekend that can be used for demonstration.
Sauces and Rubs. Prepare a sauce and rub that would be an appropriate complement to our big game.
Big Game Morning Shoot. Go to a location of your choice and capture the best shot of your big game hunt (on camera); prizes awarded.
Land Navigation Quickie. Practice the ins and outs of why knowing what those squiggly lines mean on the map and why knowing that will make your hunt more enjoyable – this piece is a condensed offering, you are encouraged to participate in a full land navigation workshop prior to the workshop weekend.
Building Fire. What if you only had one match, could you get your fire started?
Wearing It Best Camouflage Fashion Show. Held on Friday night, everyone is entered; come strut your stuff; prizes awarded.

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